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First Dental Visits in Columbia and Spartanburg, SC

At Carolina Dental Docs, we want to give your child a great start with their teeth when you bring them to our locations in Columbia and Spartanburg, SC. Their first dental visit should be when they’re no later than one year old, and it’s preferable to do it within six months after their first tooth. Infants and toddlers don’t usually need full cleanings, but their first visit can include advice for oral care at home, spot any potential issues, and get them started on good dental health for their lifetime. Early treatment is effective at avoiding issues like decay and other possible problems down the road. Your child needs their primary teeth for chewing, smiling, speaking, and getting their mouth ready for permanent teeth. Their dental health can impact various aspects of their lives, including eating, sleeping, and even performing well in school.

dentist showing young girl how to brush teeth

What Can I Expect at the First Visit?

The first dental visit is nothing to worry about, and Carolina Dental Docs will make it an easy process for you and your child. During the exam, the dentist will examine the oral health of their mouth, gums, and the teeth that have come in. We can spot any concerning potential issues, and we’ll give you sound advice on taking care of your child’s dental needs at home. Before coming in for the first visit, we recommend taking a few smart steps to ensure they have a good experience, including:

  • When scheduling an appointment, choose a time of day when you know they are well-rested.
  • If they are anxious about their first visit, reassure them that everything is fine.
  • Stay positive throughout the experience. Kids can detect when you’re anxious or frustrated.
  • Describe what’s going to happen at the visit using words that are kid-friendly and fun.

Transparency During the Process

When you come to one of our locations in Columbia and Spartanburg, SC for their first dental visit, your child can play while you check them in and complete any needed paperwork. A friendly dental assistant will greet you and your child and take them for their cleaning. Our staff will explain every step to them as it happens. After the exam and cleaning, we’ll discuss with you the status of your child’s oral health. The dentist will answer any questions you have, and any follow-up treatments will be explained. Contact us today to schedule your child’s first dental appointment and put them on the road to good oral health!

Don’t Overpay for Your Child’s Dental Care